Thursday, October 2, 2008


You could pretty much see this coming since the Draft back in June. Garth is very high on Josh Bailey and this signing just solidifies that stance. What does this mean for Josh however? Will he remain with the Islanders the rest of the season, or will he get a 9 game audition and be sent back to Junior?

My personal opinion is the latter. There is no reason to rush Bailey in to a full time spot on an NHL roster. He is NOT Sidney Crosby. His interests will best be served by a short stint on the 3rd line and then he should be sent back to a captaincy and 1st line minutes in the OHL for Windsor. If the Islanders rush him, I believe that it will stunt his development. Everyone has to remember that it's not necessarily about winning NOW, but building a contender for a few years down the road. This is not the time to start plugging 19 year old kids into spots on the roster they can't handle for a full season. Let's just hope the Islanders' brass make the right decision.

On a lighter note, I just want to extend a Happy Birthday to Josh and Congratulations on his shiny, new NHL contract. He worked hard emotionally and physically to get where he is (one of his best friends and captain of the Spitfires tragically passed away in a car accident mid-season last year)and I'm glad that the Islanders think enough of him to give him an opportunity. Best of luck Josh!

Photo Courtesy of The Sporting News

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