Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'd like to address some comments that I've seen on message boards and comment sections of numerous Islanders blogs about the penalty call against Frans Nielsen at the end of OT on Thursday against the Flyers. What many fans do not understand is the need for officials to clamp down early in the season on penalties. That may not explain the call on Nielsen in the waning moments of OT on Thursday but it does explain why the Islanders have found themselves down a man on average of about 6 times a game since the beginning of the of the season.

The call on Thursday was based on the fact that Nielsen made a conscious choice to put his stick in a certain area (around the midsection of the Flyers player) and that automatically signals the referee to look in that area. When the Flyers player tried to pull away Nielsen's stick got caught under his arm. Nielsen did not intentionally take a penalty in this situation but took one because of poor body positioning and not moving his feet. This kind of play is what Coach Gordon is trying to eliminate from the team's psyche. They need to keep plugging away. As soon as they start reaching with their sticks and do not keep up with the play, they will draw penalties like Nielsen's.

I'm going to be starting some new weekly blogs (hopefully) that will cover the week in preview and "The Call of the Week". In the first edition that I will try to get out after the game tonight will involve the fantastic call by Paul Devorski at the end of the Carolina/Islanders game last Saturday. I hope to see everyone at the Coli tonight supporting the boys in their new/old duds and with Les Habitants in town.

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