Monday, November 24, 2008


Update: Franzie is out 8-12 weeks as I predicted in my Anatomy of a Knee Sprain post. However, what I forgot to mention was the potential for a high ankle sprain. Due to the fact that the Islanders are reporting multiple leg injuries, this is the only logical conclusion. Luckily, Frans didn't crack open the melon or shake around the marbles otherwise I would be down at the league office right now picketing outside Colin Campbell's window (actually that sounds like a good idea).

In response to last night's hit to Frans Nielsen by Mike Mottau the NHL's Colin Campbell handed down a 2 GAME SUSPENSION! I'm sorry but this is by far the biggest slap in the face I have ever seen in recent history in regards to a suspension. Whether or not Frans Nielsen has a head injury, there is a definite deficiency with the NHL office and their decision to only give a wrist slap to Mottau. I will be back for the game on Monday but I need to cool down from this absolute atrocity by the league office. Take a look at Chris Botta's blog that broke the story on the suspension.

Here is Billy and Howie's take on the Frans Nielsen injury from last night's telecast:

As I'm trying to think this out, I think it's time that Islanders fans and the organization stood up for the players. It might be time for some kind of petition or some questioning that really needs to happen as soon as possible.

Enjoy tonight's game in Buffalo who are on a 4 game slide of their own and will be coming out flying. I hope the boys put their working skates on.

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