Friday, November 14, 2008


The NHL Disciplinarian, Colin Campbell, brought down a fairly large axe on Thomas Pock, New York Islanders defenseman, at a hearing at 2 PM today. As reported by TSN and the NHL, Pock received a 5 game suspension without pay. Honestly, I believe this is being used by the NHL as a warning to others in the NHLPA that might incur the same penalty that Pock took in last night's game in Ottawa.

This is a truly severe suspension for an elbow that although it was high and caused Shannon to wobble a bit, the hit never caused him to actually go down. However, Shannon did require assistance to eventually leave the ice surface. I guess I can understand the 5 minute major and the game misconduct but more than a 2 game suspension is using Pock as a scapegoat.

Hopefully this action taken by the NHL has the desired effect by limiting hits to the head in future contests beginning tonight. Unfortunately, hits like Pock's can never be truly eradicated from the game because of the very nature of speed and contact that is the purpose of the competition. One question I do have, is if Pock gets a 5 game suspension for his elbow...why didn't Doug Weight receive a similar or lesser suspension for his hit on Brandon Sutter? Was that hit not as vicious? As far as I can tell the open ice hit by Weight (also an integral part of the game) was more dangerous in the sense that both players came together at a much higher rate of speed. The fact that Pock got his elbow up should not warrant the kind of disciplinary action that was handed down. Just my opinion.

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