Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here we are again folks. The Isles up 3-0 with 18.8 seconds left in the 2nd period and then a couple of deflections a tenth of a second later and the puck was through Joey MacDonald's legs and the onslaught to come was given life. The deja vu that occurred for the fifth time this season took shape in the form of a Crosby-Malkin combination that completely outworked the Isles in the third period of last night's 5-3 loss to the Flightless Birds. What amazes me the most about these losses in the third period is the absolute lack of fire that the Islanders have in the final stanza. Maybe it's the system, maybe they got trapped in their own zone the latter half of the second and tired themselves out, maybe they got too comfortable, it still doesn't excuse the effort that just wasn't there.

The personification of the pure frustration that the Islanders have shown in third periods where they fell flat occurred with 7:19 left in a 4-3 game. Bill Guerin marauded through three separate Penguins players before he finally received a penalty for roughing. The adage among officials is: "Give them enough rope to hang themselves". Well in the case of Guerin's roughing penalty, he got away twice with tactics that should have gotten him a penalty the first time. My question to the Captain is "Why?". Why is the captain of a professional sports team taking a penalty with his team on its heels late in a game? There is simply no good reason that Bill Guerin should have done what he did. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to call out the Captain for what I'm sure was just frustration, but the team as a whole needs to collectively stand up for themselves. It should not have to fall on one man and it should absolutely never be something that puts the team at a disadvantage. Hopefully, the Islanders can quickly forget and get back to business tomorrow afternoon against the Bruins.

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving with their families. I'd like to thank those who have gotten me here and who give me the best things in the world: Love, Respect and Friendship. Eat lots of turkey, drink lots of wine and have a merry time with you and yours.

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