Saturday, January 31, 2009

Game Notes Islanders v. Kitty Kats Period 2

This is not Doug... This is Gary Harding with the View from Section 317 (well, tonight in Section 201). For some strange reason, Doug thought he should spend time with his family, rather than tell you all about the wonderful playmaking of the Islanders against the Kats! Oh well - the Isles had a their second straight power play, but to no avail. Was just not enough pressure in front of Vokoun.

I still believe that Okposo should be removed from the point on the PP. He is too much of a physical presence to be wasted, 70 feet in front of the Islanders net. What do you think Doug?

Oh - Doug has still not come back. Maybe he got a date....

5:40 - scrum behind Danis. - Florida just got their first shot of the period. They had 16 after 1 - to the Islanders 12.

By the way - if anyone wants a Dell Latitude computer - I will be selling Doug's machine to the highest bidder on E-bay.

HE'S BAAAAAAACK! But not typing....

And Guerin just got royally robbed by Vokoun.

There have been times tonight that Danis has been more shaky than a 10 year old Vacuum Cleaner that needs an overhaul - but he has stepped up and done the job.

Frolik with a nice breakaway, but the edge of Danis' pad got to it. Streit for slashing at 10:04 - and the Captain is getting his Massachusetts anger going. Panthers now go on their 4th man advantage of the game.

Sorry - I just insulted Doug's meatball. Ask him about it sometime...

The big problem with Danis, is that he still does not do the recovery quick enough, and his side-side moves is questionable.


Camoy - great opportunity - but just short. Tempo has picked up - and they seem to have enlightened the crowd a bit.

B TW - Doug is having just too much fun hanging out and not typing. He does not know that I am going to steal a $20 from his wallet for this. I don't come cheap!!!!

Now Doug is talking to one of the other Blog Boxer's Glen's kids, and he sounds like Mr. Hand from Fast Times at Rigdemont High...

Another shaky Danis save, and it looks like an old man trying to collect his nickels off the floor. Where is my High Blood Pressure medication.

Doug just commented on Coach Gordon's attire tonight. Come to think of it - he looks a little Sopranoesque. And another penalty on the Isles, and Doug is not pleased, and neither is the Captain - and for the next 4 minutes, he will be in the sin bin.

Panthers hit the post 5 seconds in. Sheesh.

The two to my right, are cat-fighting about the #1 pick, and who are free agents at the end of the season. One of them is in wonderlust with Tavares, and the other wants to not have him. Frankly - these guys need to kiss and make up!

I think I am done with my commentary. Thanks for the time, and make sure to check out my site, THE VIEW FROM SECTION 317.

Now - back the happy typing skills of Doug.

So long everybody....

Hope you all liked Gary's take on the situation going on in the Box tonight. I'll be back later on or tomorrrow with a few new pieces for ya. Enjoy the rest of the game.

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