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Come one, come all!! Welcome to this year's edition of The NHL Trade Deadline Circus powered by Desperation, Future Considerations, Draft Picks and Rbk.

It's the day we've all been waiting for. In Canada and for our friends Norde de Lignes, today is a national holiday. For us poor Americans (like myself, stuck at work and with no way to get the TSN feed) this is just another work day with some drama thrown in from the hours between 10 AM and 6 PM. Hockey fans rejoice because today will be a day of sensationalism, rumor and intrigue.

Follow me all day as I count down the hours and the trades that go down, hopefully as they happen. The Blog Box will have a direct line into press conferences given by Garth Snow as the Islanders wheel and deal (hopefully) their way to the promised land at the Draft and beyond.

I'll be back soon with the first of what I believe will be many updates on the happenings around the NHL. Stay Tuned...

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9:23 AM- Apparently the deal for Billy Guerin that began a chain of events that started before the Buffalo game a mere four days ago is not dead. Read this little blurb from Pierre LeBrun at ESPN.

9:51 AM- Don't forget to check over at Lighthouse Hockey to catch both Dominik and Islesblogger, Mike Schuerlein, weigh in on today's events for SBN's Trade Deadline Extravaganza.

To refresh your memories, everyone on this list has been rumored in a trade within the last month:

Sean Bergenheim, Richard Park, Trent Hunter, Billy Guerin, Doug Weight, Brendan Witt, Radek Martinek and Andy Hilbert.

My personal feeling is that Billy will unfortunately be gone by 3 PM. I also wouldn't be surprised if you found Martinek or Hilbert on other teams either. Keep checking back because there seems to be a lot of chatter since early this morning...

9:58 AM- TRADE: Vermette from Ottawa is traded to Columbus for Pascal LeClaire and a 2nd Rounder

Ottawa has been looking to replace Martin Gerber for ages now and LeClaire has certainly shown in the past that he can fill the #1 role. Vermette gets a fresh start with a young team and a great coach in the person of Ken Hitchcock. A good trade for both teams.

10:14 AM- Filip Kuba re-signed by the Sens at 3 years, $3.75 mil per year

As per Mark Christopher of A good signing for the backliner. Reasonable price for the kind of production that Kuba is capable of (although he is no Mark Streit).

10:40 AM- Chris Neil to the Sharks? Connolly leaving Buffalo?

This rumor seems to be picking up some steam as multiple rumor and hockey sites have started to report that Neil's contract negotioations have soured and the "tough guy with hands" might be on the move.

Apparently former Islander Tim Connolly also has had some problems getting a contract hammered out and might also be packing his bags today.

10:49 AM- Connolly re-signs in Buffalo for 2 years at $4.5 mil per

Apparently initial reports of the Connolly negotiations were false. Hope the Sabres can get him to play more than 60 games over the next two years... ( and

11:06 AM- Random Thoughts: Goalies on the move?

With the trading of Pascal LeClaire and the signing of Backstrom by the Wild yesterday (4 yrs, $6 mil per), there might be some interest in goalies like Joey Mac and Yann Danis (who has played phenomenal as of late). Other names that might be included are Manny Fernandez ($4 mil) and Nikolai Khabibulin (almost $6 mil). There might just be a market for either one of the Isles goalies to bring back some value. Albeit I hope it doesn't happen. (Sidenote: Doesn't Rick DiPietro's contract look pretty decent now, minus the injuries? At $4.5 million per year he's going to end up being a bargain even he plays 8 out of the next 12 seasons.)

11:13 AM- Witt and Martinek's Stock on the Rise, Pronger Officially Taken Off the Tradeable Asset List and Kaberle is hurt

Kinda saw this one coming. The Ducks are in the thick of a playoff chase and dealing their #1 D-man would be a huge blow (even though they did pick up Ryan Whitney last week). Also, Tomas Kaberle supposedly hurt his hand in last night's contest and Brian Burke has openly stated that he would prefer to keep the mobile puck-mover. This might cause the market to shift in the Islanders direction with the lack of defensemen available. Witt and Martinek might be dealt after all...

11:26 AM- Brian Burke Speaks His Mind

In the usual Brian Burke way of going about things, he has sealed the fate of two of his top point producers this season by stating that Antropov and Moore will not be Leafs by the end of the day. Can't you just feel the love? (Source:

11:33 AM- Olli, Olli, Oxenfree? Is the former Isles Draftee heading to Alberta?

Some pre-lim reports are saying that Olli Jokinen might be headed to already formidable Calgary. The thought of it is simply scary...

11:46 AM- TRADE: Jordan Leopold shipped to Calgary for Lawrence Nycholat, Prospect RYAN WILSON and a 2nd ROUND Pick going to Avalanche

Excellent trade by Calgary to really bolster that backline. With Giordano going down, this was a trade that needed to happen for them. They gave up a lot but will certainly be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

11:53 AM- TRADE: Pens swap Danny Richmond to Blues for Wozniewski

1-for-1 that's basically a depth trade. Nothing to really report here.

12:06 PM- WAIVER WIRE CLOSED: Sim and Satan pass through

Maybe Garth Snow knows something we don't. I am mildly disappointed that the Devs didn't pick up Satan, talk about a match made in Heaven (or was that Hell?).

12:08 PM- TRADE: Phoenix deals Tellqvist to Buffalo for a 4th Rounder

Interesting Draft pick choice for a semi-decent goalie. At least Lalime will have an NHL capable backup for the stretch run. What happens when Miller gets back is debatable.

12:20 PM- WAIVER WIRE: Picking out of the Bargain Bin

Brendan Morrison, a sought after center during the UFA period last year was picked up on waivers by Dallas while Martin Gerber finally found a home that wasn't Ottawa when the Maple Leafs plucked him off waivers to solve the Pogge/Joseph backup situation in Toronto. Toskala might get shut down for the remainder of the season so this might have been a necessity move by Brian Burke.

Add to the two above now former Ranger and Wild, Erik Reitz (Maple Leafs) and Craig Adams (Pittsburgh).

12:30 PM- Olli Cow: Calgary supposedly offers Lombardi and a 2009 1st for Jokinen

Calgary is certainly looking like it's gonna make a strong play here. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if this deal or something similar gets done for the star center. This could get REALLY interesting. (Source:

12:44 PM- Kings sign Ersberg to a 2 year extension; Guerin news on the near horizon

Forgot to post that Ersberg got signed, not that it really interests Isles fans.

What would interest you is the little blurb from Andy Strickland on Hockeybuzz of a pending deal that could be announced shortly for the patient and benevolent Bill Guerin (Source:

12:49 PM- TRADES: THE FIRST BLOCKBUSTER-Olli Jokinen is dealt to the Flames along with a 3rd Rounder for Matthew Lombardi, Prospect Brandon Prust and Calgary's 2009 1st Rounder. Minor Trade- Nokie goes to Ducks for Montador.

WOW! Who saw that one coming? Calgary becomes my instant favorite out in the Pacific. Huge day for them picking up an old face in Leopold and a new one in Jokinen. Phoenix on the other hand receives a great return on their UFA investment from last year.

Sorry to see a former Isles 1st rounder in Nokie getting bounced around again. This time to the Left Coast for a very tough and reliable D-Man in Steve Montador who goes to the Beast of the East in Boston.

1:37 PM- TRADE: Recchi Continues his Pinball Career

The Tampa Bay Lightning have dealt elder statesman Mark Recchi to Boston along with a 2010 2nd rounder for Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums.

This gives Recchi yet another good shot at a Cup run and gives the Bolts some young talent to line their coffers. Good to see Recchi still has value and this could be the deal that finally sets the pace for Guerin to be dealt.

Chiarelli is really doing a nice job not moving major pieces but still getting the kind of value that Recchi and Doug Weight brough to Carolina when they won it all in 2006. I think Boston is going to be a very tough team to play in the playoffs with the two moves that have been made today.

1:46 PM- Moore headed to the Windy City? Guerin to join the Flightless Birds?

It seems that Brian Burke is a man of his word. Dominic Moore is strongly rumored to be head to Chicago.

Billy Guerin, still awaiting a trade since Saturday, might be on his way to Pittsburgh. Apparently the original deal DID fall through. Time for Plan B, Garth!


TSN is reporting that Bill Guerin has been sent to Pittsburgh but the return for the Islanders is to TBD. I will stay on top of this and give you an update whenever I get one.

2:08 PM- TSN is now reporting that Billy has been traded for a Conditional Draft Pick ONLY...Huh?

Per TSN the Conditional Pick starts as a 5th Rounder but could Upgrade to a 3rd Rounder if the Pens win a Playoff Series. I'm with Islesblogger who's over at Lighthouse Hockey in saying I'm officially bummed.

It's obvious to me now that this was simply the only deal that Garth could do with a limited amount of time after the first deal fell through. I believe that original deal was with Washington and they couldn't clear enough contracts to get Billy in. Considering the Caps lack of activity that's the conclusion I can draw. Oh well, c'est le vie.

2:47 PM- TRADE: Tough Guy Carcillo gets Traded to the Flyers for Scottie Upshall and 2nd in 2009

Phoenix has really impressed me today. They've turned their tradeable assets into some really good prospects and picks. Kind of hoped that the Isles might be able to do a fraction of what Don Maloney has been able to do out in the desert. Upshall is good 3rd liner and can put in some goals. Personally, they overpaid for Carcillo's services.

2:50 PM- TRADE: Antropov sent to the Rangers

If things couldn't get any worse, now Nik Antropov is a NY Ranger. The game tomorrow night should be frickin' wonderful. No word on what the Leafs got back yet.

UPDATE: The Leafs received a 2nd Rounder and a Conditional Pick.

3:00 PM

Well the deadline for trading has passed as far as what was done between GM's. Now the only thing left is to report what's gone down. I will do my best to get everything for you guys as it comes in. If you've been checking out my page for the better part of the day or just happened to stop in, I'd like to thank you for doing so. Unfortunately, this has been a very disappointing day in Isles Country.

3:03 PM- TRADE: Derek Morris Also a Ranger

Ok, now this is getting silly. Two big pieces of anyone's puzzle have landed in Manhattan and all the Islanders have to show for it is a Conditional 5th Round Pick. Anyone else a little peeved at this point?

UPDATE: The Coyotes have picked up Dimitri Kalinin, Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes in the trade for Morris. Kind of disappointed the Islanders couldn't have landed either of Prucha or Dawes. Both were good young forwards with offensive upside. Again, I have to praise Don Maloney for the awesome job he's done today to not only get his team younger but I think more competitive for the future.

3:10 PM- Moore doesn't land in Chicago but instead in Buffalo

Toronto receives Buffalo's 2nd rounder in return. I think that both teams made out pretty well but I would say that Buffalo won this deal. Somehow, I think this was desperation by Brian Burke.

3:12 PM- Ducks and Thrasher's swap Youngin's

Erik Christensen who was dealt at last year's Deadline by the Pens has been shipped off again to the Ducks in exchange for Eric O'Dell.

3:31 PM- Eminger Stays in the Pan-Handle

The two Floridian teams hooked up for a minor deal that sent Steve Eminger to the Litter Box Cats and in return the Bolts receive Noah Welch and a 3rd Rounder.

The rest of today's trades can be found at TSN's Live Trade Tracker.

This has been a really disappointing day as far as Isles fans go. The Blog Box is in a conference call right now awaiting GM Garth Snow's reaction to the Deadline deal today.


Dominik said...

>>"(although he is no Mark Streit)"

Ha! That was my reaction, too: "Thank god we got Streit."

Dominik said...

Nice work!

What do you think the most bizarre move of the day was? For me: Carcillo.

Doug said...

The Justin Williams, Pat O'Sullivan, Erik Cole + picks was pretty strange, especially as a 3-team trade, which is a rarity in the NHL. But Carcillo for Upshall (a decent 2nd-3rd line guy) and a 2nd was insanity.

I would also have to say that Morris for Dawes, Prucha and Kalinin was pretty pricey too. Leave it to Sather to start mortgaging the future when they are not making any kind of Cup run.