Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Thoughts About Living on Long Island

As I sit here, I think to myself how this whole thing is going to work. It's bad enough that the country as a whole is in an economic downturn, but on top of that I live on LONG ISLAND. One of the most highly taxed and expensive places to live in same said economically challenged country. What the hell is a 25 year old, still looking for what he wants to do with the rest of his life, supposed to do when rent is still through the roof and the opportunities to even find a place haven't improved since the 80's? Live at home...that's what. Where you have to fight with your parents over getting a cable box for the TV in your room because they don't want to pay the Dolan's another cent (not that I can blame them). There's gotta be a better way to go about this.

I've been saying to my friend who works for the Lighthouse Development Group that I've been waiting patiently for my affordable housing for over three years (since I graduated from Stony Brook). If the ToH thinks they're going to take that away from me they're out of their minds. Yes, it would be fantastic to have a renovated Coliseum but frankly, there is no feasible economic way that anything could make money when the lease is still in SMG's hands. Thus, officials and employees of the Town have to quit sipping that KoolAid. For real.

What is needed on Long Island is a forward-thinking project that will not only enhance the public image of the place we live but to make it more livable. THE SUBURBS DON'T WORK IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LIVE THERE! When Levittown was built in the 1950's, the cost to own a home was $7,990! Now, you could pay that much in 6 months worth in rent.

This is what it used to look like

Needless to say, living on Long Island for anyone who doesn't have an established and well-paying job is extremely difficult.

Enter the Mixed-Use Development.

This is what it needs to look like

Here comes the argument from the Town of Hempstead that the Lighthouse Group is trying to overdevelop, scar, maim and destroy suburban peace and prosperity. Oh, no! We're turning into Queens! NOOOOO! NOT IN MY BACKYARD!!

My question to those NIMBY's out there is: "What happens when the same Town of Hempstead, that is 'protecting' your way of life by stonewalling an idea that would bring revenue and business into the community, raises your property taxes? How are you going to afford to live where you are now, then?" Without the influx of young, eager, hard-working (and yes, possibly Liberal {gasp!}) people our Island will DIE! Do you get that?!

I've had to plan on leaving my home since I was applying for colleges 7 years ago. I was born and raised for 25 years on this Island and I can't live here much longer because it's simply too expensive. The average one-bedroom apartment goes for $1000+ a month folks. Plus, you have to drive everywhere which costs money. In gas alone you could spend upwards of $450/month (when gas was over $4.00 a gallon and I have a rather gas efficient vehicle).

A mixed-use development would offer people my age to stay on the Island and prosper because we could work, live and play in the same 5 mile radius. On top of that, there would be public transportation for wherever you would need to go. Imagine the amount of money and traffic congestion that would be saved if there were more buses and trolley's (running on either electric or natural gas) instead of taxis and cars. Not only would it be more "Green" (the buzzword for the next century) but more efficiently conducted. Traffic patterns would be more regulated, money would be saved and the environment would be preserved. I don't see a problem here.

In closing, I'd like to point out the absolute disregard the Town of Hempstead has for it's constituency. When those who live in the Town of Hempstead could be prospering from new jobs and new revenue streams, it's your representatives, the people YOU elected to office, who are standing in your way. Let your voices be heard loud and clear. Now is the time to stop this petty back and forth and just get the damn thing started.

Kate Murray has denigrated the office she now holds. This falls on her shoulders and her political career. By not showing even the tact to speak publicly (isn't that what politicians are supposed to do?) either for or against the Lighthouse, she has created doubt in many people's minds that she is fit to lead anymore.

It's perfectly okay to have your father who just retired with a $40,000+ pension every year, be re-hired by his "loving" daughter the next day, at a similar job, FOR 3x THE GOING WAGE, but then not attend a meeting set-up by the Labor Unions that work in your Town to try and come to a resolution of sorts. That is despicable.

I'm done ranting for now. Check back in the next day or so for my thoughts on the Assistant Coaching changes going on around the NY Islanders and for more about the Draft and Lighthouse.

Please don't forget to check in to my buddy Nick's LetThereBeLight(house) or The Official Blog of the Lighthouse Project: The Light Post, for updates. Nick and Katrina have some great information to educate yourself and others on the goings-on of the Lighthouse.

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Anonymous said...

It's good that you're fired up. People need to catch on that this will not happen unless the elected officials are held accountable.

Doug said...

I absolutely agree. The amount of corruption that has been revealed by the SEQR process in the ToH is really disturbing. I can't even imagine if this was taking place in the Town of Oyster Bay (where I live now) which I'm sure is just as bad if not worse. Things have to change. Plain and simple.