Monday, September 21, 2009

Time Yet Again to Savalge Our Hopes and Dreams

September 22nd Re-zoning Hearing to be held at the John Adams Playhouse on the Hofstra Campus beginning at 9 AM.  Come Show Your Support!

Long Islanders Unite!

The horizon, that finish line in the distance, is finally upon us and we have to stand up yet again and fight for a new beginning. Tomorrow, Tuesday September 22nd at 9:00AM at the John Adams Playhouse on the Hofstra Campus, the Re-zoning Hearing for the Lighthouse Project (minus the all-crucial vote on the matter) will begin in earnest as the process creeps slowly forward. We need your help to advocate yet again for your future, your children's future and their children's future. We must stand up and fight for what we believe in: The Lighthouse Project and the Islanders remaining where they belong in Nassau County.

There have been many roadblocks and many small victories along the way. However, now as the Environmental Review Process starts to wrap up and the details of the Project hopefully will be put into place, reports have come to light that there may be those who truly do not want a stake in this future that Charles Wang and Scott Rechler are trying to build. It is imperative that we again show our support and prove to those in political positions of influence that this is a Project worth constructing. Let your voices be heard and your presence be felt.

Now is our time! Join me and many of your fellow supporters tomorrow in one united front to get this Project closer to being approved.

I hope to see you there tomorrow morning.

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