Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All That Blood, Sweat and Tears... And For What?

It's amazing how your personal life sometimes correlates with the goings on of the outside world. Tonight, I had my first Physics exam of the semester. While I was toiling away on said exam, thinking that my world might come crashing down around me if I did poorly, the world surrounding my life on Long Island fell flat on it's face with an audible "thud". The news came pouring in seconds after I had left the classroom: "The Lighthouse Project is dead."

Any one who has read this blog, knows my fervent support for a revitalization of the area surrounding the Nassau Coliseum. Not just to keep my beloved Islanders where they belong, but to give Long Island a new lease on life. Providing people of my generation an opportunity to live, work and grow in the place they've called home for the majority of their lives. All of that came to a possibly sudden conclusion this evening when we learned of Principle Developer Charles Wang's intention to pull the plug on the Lighthouse Project.

To say that I'm saddened and depressed about the subject is an understatement. This was the one chance for me and many like me, to stay here and grow old here. Now it seems, if the news is true, that the dream has faded. The beacon of hope has been shutdown by political squabbling and the inability to compromise. Is this the reason that I've given my blood, my sweat and my tears to see this Project through to approval? All so I could watch it get flushed down the drain like some failed plan for a strip mall that impinges on the landscape of the Island I call my home?

I've had enough. I've invested too much. I don't know how else to feel but betrayed, confused and unsure about when and how this saga will end...

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