Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Wasn't Brendan Witt in the Shootout Sooner?

I've read quite a bit about the other night when Scott Gordon selected by far his most defensive-defenseman to take the first shot in the shootout against Philly. Many have questioned his decision from "The Maven", to Islanders Outsider, Greg Logan over at Newsday and even Chris Botta over at Islanders: Point Blank. I'm surprised at the reaction Gordon has received from the media over using Brendan in the shootout.

Apparently, some have forgotten that even during Ted Nolan's tenure two seasons ago Witt's acuity in the skills competition was on display. There was even video on ITV (which I can't get to while I'm at work) showing Brendan putting goalies to shame in practices. I've even been there for a few times when the Isles were nearing the end of their practice and I was coming to IceWorks to work a youth game afterward and saw Witt pot some pretty ones.

I'm sorry to the disbelievers out there, but this has been a long time coming for Brendan and I'm glad that Gordon found a spot to insert him. Don't count out a second go-round for the D-man if the Isles find themselves in a shootout within the 6 remaining games.

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