Friday, May 29, 2009

The Race for Long Island's Future is On

Last night I received a simple text message from my buddy Nick Giglia around 7:20: "It's Kristen McElroy."

Frankly, at first I had no idea who the sender even was because my Blackberry decided it wanted to start a new life as a paperweight and I had to take different components from about 3 BB Curves to make the current phone I'm using. So in short, I didn't have Nick's number stored in the phone. After a short back and forth I realized what he meant: Kristin McElroy, an attorney in Garden City, was chosen as the opponent to the heavily-favored incumbent, Town of Hempstead Supervisor, Kate Murray.

I'm gonna go back to my post at the beginning of the month where I compared the struggle of the Lighthouse to Star Wars and define the characters a little better.

As it stands we have:

Kate "Darth" Murray

Charlie "Yoda Momma" Wang

Scott "I'm Goin' Solo" Rechler

Joe "Emperor" Mondello

Tom "Obi-Wan" Suozzi

(Yes, I got a little Photoshop happy this morning but it was too funny after I did Charles to not keep going)

That's some cast of characters. However, now there is a new one that threatens to balance "The Force" on Long Island and bring peace to Galaxy/Town. I give you:

Kristin "Skywalker" McElroy

From what little I remember and what I heard last night, McElroy could be the kind of opponent that has a good chance at an upset. After nearly rocking Kemp Hannon's world last year, it stands to reason that the Nassau Democrats saw potential in Ms. McElroy. As an attorney from Garden City, who is unequivocally pro-Lighthouse, McElroy may be able to bridge the gap between the voters in the Town of Hempstead. It's a promising start.

Please don't ever forget to read some of the most ardent and informed Lighthouse advocates Nick Giglia and Dee Karl as they had their posts up well before mine (The Photoshop took forever).

Also, the Long Island Business News was at the Cradle of Aviation last night and as always wrote a nice piece on the proceedings. Newsday, however, left much to be desired.

Let's just hope that this race is going to be as exciting as it was foretold to be, "A long time ago, in a Town far, far away....."

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