Thursday, May 28, 2009

So Much Going On...I Just Had to Write About It

It's getting to be that time sports fans. Baseball is in full swing, NFL players will start reporting to training camp, the NBA Finals are looming, the U.S. Open is coming to Bethpage Black (drool...), but best of all, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between the Wings and Pens has been scheduled and the Draft is a mere month away. I just love the way sports in America encompasses an entire year of gladitorial combat and emotion. It's plain awesome.

With all the activity going on, I just had to mention a few things before I got into the meat of my Draft ideas:

  • Congrats to Justin Bourne for a successful, albeit extremely long stay in Phoenix. I hope you get the job, man. Also, I can't forget his fiancee, Brianna Gillies, who absolutely wowed her interviewers and was offered a job at one of the top neurological institutes in the country. Best of luck to both you!

  • Twitter G-ddess, @Dani3boyz, hosted a get together known as a TweetUp at Croxley Ale House in Farmingdale and Dee Karl, the 7th Woman, made an appearance. I just got word on Twitter that Dani actually made her goal from all the generous contributions of Twitter hockey fans and will be in Montreal along with the Blog Box Boys for the Draft! You have no idea how awesome hockey fans are until you witness something like that happen in front of your eyes. Congrats, Dani! I can't wait to see everyone up there.

  • Apparently, the Islanders bloggers will be well repped in Montreal on June 26th, as BD Gallof also throws his hat into the ring.

  • Don't forget to get your FREE ticket to the Islanders Draft Party. Despite the fact that I won't be in Uniondale and rather Nordes de Lignes, make sure you get to the Draft Party. It should be a great experience this year, JT included (hopefully).

Some Draft Ideas...

I want to get a feel for how my readers would like us to cover the Draft. We've kicked around a few ideas and I'm looking for some feedback. Vote in the poll at the top of the site for the idea or ideas you like the best and we'll see if we can pull them off.

Don't be bashful if you have an idea about what or how you'd like something covered. Leave a Comment and share your thoughts.

Sorry BD, it was too awesome not to steal. In Garth We Trust!


Dominik said...

Sordid details of Montreal nightlife. The Islanders bloggers take Montreal by storm!

Doug said...

News at 11. It'll be a blast that's for sure. I'll keep you updated as details unfold.